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Common Supply Work - (Common Supply Replacement)

  • Got low water pressure?
  • Live in a Victorian or Georgian terraced property?
  • Water pressure drops in the morning and at night?
  • Problems with your combi-boiler?

You might have a common water supply.


What is a Common Supply Pipe System?

A common supply pipe system delivers fresh water from the mains to two or more homes using a single stop tap. This means that you actually share the supply pipe that branches off the mains with your neighbours.

When the system was installed, the pipes laid were smaller in diameter than contemporary ones, and were often made of lead or iron. This smaller diameter, coupled with the fact you share with your neighbours, could mean a drop in pressure for you and your family; particularly at busy times. Combi-boilers in particular struggle to function with low water pressure.

How do I know if my supply pipe is shared?

1. Find your external stop tap. If your stop tap is outside your boundary or close to a neighbouring property you may have a shared supply.

2. Turn off your stop tap see how many homes it affects. Please warn your neighbours you are doing this – ideally involve them in the process. By doing this you should be able to work out if your supply is shared. However, if can’t find your stop tap or it is hard to use we suggest that you contact your local water authority.

Stop sharing your water supply with your neighbours

We recommend anyone with a common water supply pipe system to have it updated. Replacing old lead and iron pipes will improve drinking water, and pipes with a larger diameter will improve your water pressure too.

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