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Is your work guaranteed?

We offer a guarantee on our services and a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme) certificate for all replacements.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes and the minimum amount of coverage provided by our public liability insurance is no less than £10,000,000

Is external pipework the responsibility of the water company?

Any underground pipes from the boundary to the stop tap inside the house are the homeowners’ responsibility.

How long will I be without water?

You should only be without water for approximately 15 minutes whilst the engineers complete the connections

How do I prepare for the work being done?

If possible we request that the area surrounding the point of entry or internal stop tap is clear.

Will you need to dig up my garden / driveway?

We always aim to keep excavations to a minimum and our moling techniques make it unlikely that trenching will be required.

Does my quote include reinstatement costs?

You will receive a comprehensive quote that includes the cost of backfill and reinstatement.

Will the site be cleared once the project is complete?

Our engineers are careful to cause minimal disruption and will clear the site as part of the service.

Will you assist with any water company applications?

Our replacement service team are able to complete the relevant forms for Murphy Utilities customers free of charge.  We are happy to provide advice for customers of other water company authorities.