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Leak Detections and Pipe Tracing - (Finding Leaks & Tracing Pipes)

  • Have you noticed a particularly lush patch of green in your garden?
  • Have the ‘noises’ your household plumbing makes changed?
  • Have you experienced a dramatic drop in water pressure?

You might have a water pipe leak!


I’m not even sure where the water pipes are laid on my property!

Don’t worry! Murphy Utilities will use the very latest of listening devices to follow the sound of the water in the pipes and trace the path of your water pipes. We can even tell the difference between water in a plastic pipe from one in an older metal base pipe.

Will you have to dig up my garden to find the leak?

Using the latest in listening devices our specialist service engineers try to avoid the need for excavating long lengths of pipe by ‘listening’ for the source of the leak. The water pressure in the pipe before the hole will be higher than the pressure in the pipe after the leak, so the engineer is able to trace the length of pipe and listen for the change in tone – identifying the area of ruptured pipe.

Repairing a leaking water supply pipe

Once we have identified the source of your leak, we will dig up the area and replace the pipe as quickly and efficiently as possible – making sure disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum.
If a leak is inaccessible and our engineers suspect that it is under a building we may recommend installing a replacement water supply pipe to avoid the possibility of leaks in the future.

Contact us now and we will find and repair a leaking pipe on your property. Complete the enquiry form.