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  • Takes ages to fill your bath?
  • Hosepipe only delivering a dribble of water?
  • Combi-boiler showing error messages?

Your water pressure may be low


What should my water pressure be?

The target water pressure for water companies in the UK is 1 bar. There are many reasons why your house might not be experiencing this level of pressure.

Why would water pressure drop?

  • Leaks – If water is leaking from your system your pressure will drop. Find out more.
  • Partly closed stop tap – gently opening the tap may help
  • Shared supply pipes – you may experience low pressure during peak periods.  An independent supply is highly recommended.
  • Supply pipe size–a smaller internal diameter will limit the flow rate to the property
  • Pipe Corrosion – restricts water flow and can lead to leaks
  • Heating systems and showers – Many new showers and combination boilers will need a minimum level of flow to work effectively

How can I improve the water pressure in my home?

Old water pipes may be restricting flow and need replacing; leaks may be allowing water to escape or you may be sharing a supply with a neighbour – whatever the cause of your drop in water pressure it is worth telephoning Murphy Utilities to sort the problem out.

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