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Supply Pipe Repairs - (Repairing Leaks)

What to do when you discover a leak on your property

If you’ve discovered a leak on your property, you’ll want it repairing as quickly and efficiently as possible. Place a call to Murphy Utilities on 0845 437 8264 and we will use the latest in leak detection equipment to discover the exact location of the leak.

Once we have found the source of the leak so we can deal with it with the minimum of fuss. See our Leak Detection page for more information.

Repairing a leaking water supply pipe

Once we have identified the source of your leak, we will dig up the area and replace the pipe as quickly and efficiently as possible – making sure disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum.

If a leak is inaccessible and our engineers suspect that it is under a building we may recommend installing a replacement water supply pipe to avoid the possibility of leaks in the future.

Contact us now and we will find and repair a leaking pipe on your property. Complete the enquiry form.