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Water Mains Replacement

  • Own a property built before 1970?
  • Extending or developing on your land?
  • Had more than three leaks in the last year?

Consider laying a new water main


Is my job too big or too small?

Investment in trenchless technology means that if you hire Murphy Utilities to replace or install your water mains pipework then there is no need for endless digging. Our water main replacement service is quick, efficient and cost effective.

We use pneumatic power to accurately bore underground channels without the need for large scale excavation. Once in place, the new pipe work can be pulled through easily.  This dramatically
reduces the labour and equipment costs associated with traditional trench excavation. We also avoid digging up your driveway, garden or patio.

Responsibility and Reassurance

We work from your property’s boundary up to the connection inside your home and will provide a complete service that takes you effortlessly through the installation process.  If you are undertaking lead renewal, help you complete all the necessary paperwork.

Our replacement service consists of site risk assessment, installation, reinstatement and connection. Upon completion Murphy Utilities will sign off the work and you will receive a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme) Certificate.

To begin work replacing or laying a water main on your property complete the enquiry form