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  • Has your water pressure dropped?
  • Noticed a damp patch?
  • Higher than usual water meter reading?
  • Can you hear water running down a drain?

You might have a water leak!


What causes water to leak?

Over time under ground metallic pipes can become susceptible to contaminants in the ground and corrode your pipes.  Changes in the weather, particularly during the winter months can cause the pipes to burst or crack through a process of freeze and thaw.

How do I know I have a leak?

If your property is fitted with an external water meter there is a simple test you can do to check for leaks.  Ensure that all appliances and taps are turned off and then monitor the meter.  No dials should move and if they do there may be a leak on the system.

What should I do if I suspect a leak?

If a leak on the water supply pipe is suspected and you are the property owner it is your responsibility to have it repaired or replaced promptly. Please contact us as soon as you can to avoid water damage to your property. We will send our leak detection team who will quickly identify the exact location of the leak.  We will then discuss the best course of action to repair or replace the pipe.